Definition of Vendors

Vendor representatives include all salespersons, representatives, or other employees of manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and service organizations, intended for use or purchase by Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) or one of its affiliates.

Vendor Guidelines

The MRMC vendor policy on guidelines and conducting business with MRMC are stated in the link below.  Some key points are: 

  • All vendor representatives must possess or obtain a MRMC vendor badge from Supply Chain at Maury Regional Medical Center (annually renewed every January 1). Vendor agrees to keep his/her vendor identification highly visible to all MRMC personnel during the course of his/her engagement. Removal of vendor identification may result in immediate expulsion from the MRMC premises.
  • All Vendor Representatives must have a prescheduled appointment with the specific individual at the facility where they are conducting business and inform the Supply Chain office prior to the meeting with an email to
  • All products must be pre-approved before use in the hospital and a purchase order must be obtained from Supply Chain prior to the delivery of goods, services or equipment.
  • It is expected that all vendors and their representatives conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner when visiting our facilities and conducting business with MRMC.
  • Pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), Maury Regional Medical Center prohibits the use or disclosure of protected health information of its patients without a valid authorization, or unless that use or disclosure is otherwise permissible. Therefore, to the extent any MRMC vendor comes in legitimate contact with a patient’s protected health information, he/she is prohibited from any use or disclosure of that information which is inconsistent with this, or any other MRMC policy, or as prohibited by state and federal law. MRMC shall, in its sole discretion, determine what constitutes a valid authorization, or what is, or is not, otherwise permissible should a conflict arise between MRMC and one of its vendors.
  • All vendors must have and show documentation of the flu shot or wear a procedural mask while on the MRMC campus. Temporary vendors must have and show documentation of the flu shot from October 1 through March 31 each year or wear a procedural mask while on the MRMC campus.
  • All vendors participating in any sterile procedure in any department must show documentation of Hepatitis B vaccination and TB skin test. 
  • All vendor representatives must complete the Vendor Representative Letter of Understanding and Vendor Confidentiality Agreement annually and return them to the Supply Chain Office in order to be able to receive a MRMC Vendor Badge and conduct business with MRMC.  The original signed copy  must be returned to Maury Regional Medical Center, Supply Chain at 1224 Trotwood Avenue, Columbia, TN  38401. Please maintain a copy for your records.
  • The cost of the MRMC Vendor Badge is $75 annually.
  • MRMC would like your feedback on how we are doing pertaining to our vendor relationships. Please fill out the Vendor Survey in the link below and return it to Supply Chain.  Your feedback is important to us.

Below are valuable links to information for all vendors:

For more information, please contact:

Supply Chain

Maury Regional Medical Center

1224 Trotwood Avenue

Columbia, TN 38401


Fax: 931.380.4074



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