June 15, 2010


COLUMBIA, Tenn.— For the second consecutive year, Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) has been recognized by the Premier health care alliance as a winner of the Premier Award for Quality. MRMC is one of 21 winners in the nation and the only winner from Tennessee. This places the medical center in the top 1 percent of 3,788 eligible U.S. hospitals.

This recognition comes on the heels of being named a Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospital, an Excellence Award winner from the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence, and a Top 50 Health System—all within the past twelve months.

“The employees and physicians at Maury Regional are dedicated to providing our patients with outstanding care by using best practice treatment methods that are proven to result in positive outcomes,” said Robert Otwell, CEO. “Our continuous focus on analyzing our performance on patient outcomes has resulted in a level of care provided at the medical center that is being recognized by quality experts across the nation.”

The Premier Award for Quality recognizes leading health care organizations that efficiently provide outstanding patient care and consistently set the standard in clinical excellence nationwide. Distinguished by its consideration of performance-based criteria, including clinical quality outcomes, resource utilization, and clinical process indicators, the award measures top performers at the overall hospital level.

“At Maury Regional, being good is never enough for the physicians, employees and leaders who are responsible for caring for the citizens of our region. We are constantly striving to provide world-class care for our patients and this award is the result of our efforts,” said Chief of Staff Bill Sutter, M.D.

Brenda Totty, vice president of quality services, added, “It takes an entire organization to make great strides in clinical quality. From our ongoing efforts to improve patient care delivery systems to our focus on customer service, our goal is to provide a level of care at Maury Regional that is equal to or greater than any hospital in the nation. This prestigious award recognizes the exemplary care that our staff delivers to each and every patient we treat.”

Brenda Hogan, director of clinical outcomes, accepted the award at the 2010 Premier Annual Breakthroughs Conference & Exhibition held June 8-11 in Washington. Hogan and Critical Care Nurse Manager Ginger Earnest were speakers at the event. They made a presentation at the national conference on a progressive program implemented at MRMC to begin physical conditioning of ventilator patients to more quickly get them breathing on their own, resulting in a shorter stay in the hospital and improved recovery time.

“The Premier Award for Quality honors the efforts of industry leaders to provide high-quality care,” said Susan DeVore, Premier president and CEO. “As we celebrate the achievements of these facilities, the alliance is helping to further improve the health of communities across the nation.”

All acute care inpatient facilities in the United States that submitted data to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the CMS Hospital Compare project were considered for the Premier Award for Quality. Using MedPar 2008 data, Quality and Efficiency Indexes were calculated for 60 disease groups and at the overall hospital level. Quality was measured by the incidence of three adverse outcomes: mortality, morbidity and complications, which are combined into a single Quality Index using the preference weightings from the Corporate Hospital Rating Project. The efficiency index was generated using length of stay to proxy for resource utilization.

Acute care facilities attaining the top 1 percent designation are identified as having scores in the top two quintiles for process of care, and in 10 out of 60 disease groups and at the overall hospital level for quality and efficiency. Hospitals had measures for quality and efficiency that were equal to or exceeded expected outcomes.