July 8, 2011


COLUMBIA, Tenn. – Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) has been recognized by a national health care alliance for reducing harm, mortality and cost of care, while increasing patient satisfaction and adherence to clinical practices that result in better patient outcomes.

MRMC is one of six hospitals to receive the Premier healthcare alliance’s inaugural QUEST Award for High Value Healthcare for reaching the top performance thresholds in Premier’s QUEST: High Performing Hospitals collaborative in five areas:

  • Mortality: Eliminate avoidable hospital deaths.

  • Cost of care: Safely reduce the cost of care for each patient's hospitalization.

  • Evidence-based care: Deliver the most reliable and effective care based on national guidelines that follow proven practices.

  • Harm: Improve patient safety by preventing harm in 25 categories, including infections and birth injuries.

  • Patient experience: Improve the patient's overall care experience.

This is the third consecutive year that MRMC has received a quality award from Premier and comes on the heels of MRMC and its affiliates being named among the 10 Top Health Systems by Thomson Reuters.

“We are proud to receive this distinguished award. At Maury Regional, we realize that the quest for excellence is never-ending and that we must be focused on the care that we provide to every patient, every day. I applaud the employees, physicians and volunteers for their efforts to make Maury Regional a world-class organization for our patients,” said CEO Robert Otwell.

MRMC improved the delivery of recommended evidence-based care measures by 11 percent as a participant in the voluntary QUEST collaborative. Evidence-based care measures include interventions such as administering aspirin upon arrival and discharge and smoking cessation for heart attack patients. Through quality initiatives, MRMC has saved 183 lives since 2008 and reduced its case mix and inflation adjusted cost by an average of $1,350 per patient.

QUEST members participating since 2009 (185 of today’s 250 participants) were eligible for the award. Top performance thresholds were established at the top quartile of performance from a baseline period in all measures except cost of care, which was based on the median of the total inpatient cost per case mix adjusted discharge. Top performance for each dimension varied depending on the unique measure calculation and methodology.

"Maury Regional Medical Center is being recognized for their continuous achievements in providing the best care possible,” said Premier President and CEO Susan DeVore. “They’ve been engaged in and dedicated to a nationwide improvement collaborative designed to achieve cost-effective, evidence-based care delivery, thereby improving outcomes, reducing mortality and harm and providing the best experience they can for their patients.”

In the first 30 months of the collaborative, QUEST hospitals saved an estimated 25,235 lives and $2.85 billion in costs.

Their observed mortality is 5 percent lower than non-participants when compared to what is expected, having dropped 23 percent. Furthermore, national costs for inpatient care have increased by 21 percent over the course of the project, compared to a mere 4 percent cost increase among the QUEST hospitals.